8 dicembre 2010

"Dàimones - Ex tenebris" presentazione a Cagliari.

ITALIANO: E, dopo la presentazione ad Oristano, non poteva mancare quella a Cagliari! Siete tutti invitati venerdì 10 Dicembre dalle 18:00 alle 20:00 da Loriga Fumetti, in P.zza Garibaldi, 7/8. Non mancate! ^__^

2 commenti :

  1. where can I find your mangas in mexico?
    Im your fan since a lot of years ago, but I only can see tour works in your web

  2. Hello dear! Thank you for your kind interest. ^_^
    At the moment, our books are distrinuted in the US, in Germany and in Italy only. But you can easily purchase them on amazon. ;) Have a look at the link list on the left bar of our blog: "Find Dany&Dany books". Just click on the title you like. ;)
    Feel free to ask us, in case you find any kind of trouble, ok?