27 gennaio 2011


ITALIANO: Appuntamento a Sassari per la presentazione di "Dàimones - Ex tenebris". Autografi e disegni per tutti!! Conduce il mitico Emiliano Longobardi. Sabato 29 Gennaio, ore 18:00 presso la libreria Azuni, viale Mancini 15. Non potete mancare! ^_-//

4 commenti :

  1. Hi I've recently visited your site and noticed the new layout which looks really cool by the way :) but I can't seem to find your Gallery the one you had on the old layout with pictures of your artwork

    I loved looking at the new photo's of Kael Aidan and his parents and other chracters and was wonering if you still have the gallery?

  2. Hello Samantha! -^_^-
    Firts of all, thank you so much for your kind appreciation and for leaving a message. <3
    As for the gallery, so many people emailed us asking to upload it again that we simply can't ignore that. So, we're planning to reload it. For the truth, we're going to change the whole website layout again. There will be the old illustrations gallery, including the Vampire Chronicles fanart. ;)

  3. Thank you so much for your reply

    I look forward to seeing the new layout and the new artwork you have in the gallery :)