18 ottobre 2011


ITALIANO: Restyling del sito in arrivo. Speriamo presto presto. ^^;


ENGLISH: A new restyling of our website is coming. Hope very soon. ^^;

5 commenti :

  1. ma che carineeeee ^_^
    belle queste bimbe inquietanti ^-^

  2. AHAHA!! Sono la nostra versione stile Shining. :)))

  3. The new site layout looks so beautiful!...and those "gothic twins" do bare a striking resemblance to you two XD

  4. Heheheh! Yes, they are. LOL! ^__^
    In the new website we've also realoaded the Vampire Chronicles fanart page. Sooooooooo many people asked us to put it up again, we simply couldn't refuse, even if there are very OLD works in there. ^^;;

  5. I saw the VC fan art and was so surprised! I am glad you decided to put it up on the site again. You’ve both perfected your skill and grown as artists in the years since you did your VC fan art. I love your new work and Daimones in particular, but your VC fan art will always hold a special place in my heart. I think many fans feel that way too. <3

    Besides, even if those works are old, they’re still among the *BEST* VC fan art that exist on the internet XD