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  1. Hello,

    SOme years ago I read your comics and visited your blog, very beautiful stories and drawings!
    I have a question: you had lot of vampires chronicles fanart, but I cannot find them anymore...did you remove them?

    1. Hello! First of all, thank you for your appreciation! ^_^
      Yes, we removed all the VC fanarts from our blog, since they were way too old and didn't represent our art anymore. Though, we published a album on our FB page, containing many photos to the original drawings of those fanarts. Here's the link:

  2. Dear Dany and Dany!
    I'm your secret(till this moment) and longtime fan from far and cold country. Thank you for your art and sence of beauty you share, it really became a part of my heart. This year I'm going to visit Italy and just guess if it's possible to find your works offline in some, may be, some comic stores?
    With love, your fan.

    1. Hello! We can't tell how much we're happy to know that our art could be so precious to someone. It's the most important goal for us! So thank you so much for your beautiful words.
      Unfortunately our comics are available online only. You can find our latest one in paper edition here:, but it's in Italian language. Or you can purchase the e-book edition in English at amazon. You find the direct links on our facebook shop: or in the Comics section of this blog here:
      Pls, feel free to ask if something it's not clear or if there's something else you wish to know about our publications, ok? Thank you again very much for your beautiful compliments. *hugs*


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